FOG 0.30 Released!

We are proud to release version 0.30 of FOG!  We would like to thank Aaron Bergz for all his hard work on the release as well.  Please download this release and let us know what you think.


Capone Issue

I just upgraded to version .30, and I am having one issue. The Capone plug in does not show up now on my menu. I have disabled/reenabled Capone, I have deleted the image associations and recreated them. Still nothing. I am running Fog on a laptop with Ubuntu 10.4 OS. Is there anyone that can help me figure this out? Thank you.


I like what has been done so far, had a bit of a version jump from 0.28 to 0.30.
I will say great job!!!

Can't wait to see whats new!

Can't wait to see whats new!

New VMs created

I have created a couple of VMs for FOG 0.30. Both are installed on Ubuntu 10.04 server. One is CLI only, the other has the LXDE GUI plus some tools.

Each package includes 2 VMs. One is the FOG server VM, the other is a test PXE client VM used to test out the server. They are connected via an internal virtual network.

Torrents are here:

[Edit - The trackers got fouled up, so I launched my own tracker. Also Tux2 has pitched in and is tracking them as well. :) New torrent files have been created and the new links are below.]

great job. thanks to fog team

great job. thanks to fog team

fog web GUI passwd reset

Congratulations Aaron Bergz for the new release. I am a newbie to FOG, can you please show me how to do a password reset with my web interface, since its keeps saying invalid login for the past month? Thank you


really great job, congratulations!