Minor bug in 0.31!!!

There was a minor bug in 0.31 where it doesn't correctly redirect for the schema update.   We have taken down the problematic version and we have released a new build.  The new version has an MD5 checksum of:  af49c16cb5d9a3af3a47fbda37d5db51

You can get the checksum on your downloaded file by running:

md5sum [fogdownloadfile].tar.gz

If you downloaded and installed the version with the bug, don't panic, you can either reinstall the new build or navigate to the schema updater manually via:


Thanks for your understanding :)


Ubuntu Installer

There seems to be an issue installing .31 on Ubuntu. Apparently the parameters for DHCP have been changed to isc-dhcp-server but the service is still dhcp3-server. This causes the installer to fail when it tries to modify DHCP configuration. However, I was able to modify the installer scripts to change them back to dhcp3-server as well as the dhcpd.conf location and the install went fine. Maybe I'm the only one who experienced this?

Same problems

I am the one who has exact same issue with DHCP.
Could you please tell me how to resolve the DHCP issue during installation of FOG?

Edit the file

Edit the file /opt/fog-setup/fog_0.31/lib/ubuntu/config.sh and replace all occurrences of isc-dhcp-server with dhcp3-server (assuming you followed the setup instructions specifically).

DHCP Issue

What version of the Ubuntu are you currently using?

I'm using version 11.04 in my

I'm using version 11.04 in my implementation.